General Home Store

A home goods store in East Hampton New York that caters primarily to high end second home owners. The concept is a scalable “local” shop that features unique “discovered” items from around the world with everyday goods – flip flops and soaps, etc. An environment was created that speaks to modern style and convenience with the comfortable and personal setting of the local general store. A brand of Style Merchants



Brand Strategy, Mood Boards, Logo, Corporate Identity System, Style Guide, Signage, Retail Package Design, Promotional Collateral, Digital Development

mood board, brand strategy a
mood board, brand strategy b
mood bard, brand strategy c hybrid
mood board look and feel
exterior signage and logo design
interior design strategy - window merchandising
exterior blade sign, store montra
exterior signage
interior design, retail packing tissue
interior merchandising product "story" cards
stationery system
corporate identity
retail design gift packaging
retail design shopping bags
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