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Albert V05 Brand Refresh

A starting point of a brand reinvigoration campaign – embracing the inherent brand equity of “hot” (hot oil) with “real” (no frills) language of VO5 to make an appropriate next step in its evolution. These bold graphic cues elevated the brand without deviating from its brand DNA –  replacing old gold with titanium, embracing “hot” equity with bright red packaging and embracing simplistic language with a contemporary flair.

Anokha facial scrub
Anokha partial line up
Anokha exterior packaging
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Anokha Skincare

A start-up medical skincare line created by a reputable New York City plastic surgeon. The uniqueness of the product is about the balance of current scientific understanding married to traditional Hindi skin remedies based on natural ingredients.

skinworx matte sunscreen
skinworx close up
skinworx full line up
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A start-up skin-care retailer in San Francisco. whose business focus is to provide the latest “skin tech” anaylsis, expert recommended regimins with the most effective over the counter products available. This custom product line speaks to the tech effectiveness, but feels like a beauty brand.

RCF fruit jams
RCF baby food
RCF dressings and drizzles
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Really Cool Foods

A state-of-the-art provider of organic food developed a component cooking system – prepped ingredients for home cooked meals in 20 minutes or less. The strategy was about time; Time to Cook and about total consideration of the overall food experience, From Farm to Finish

Martha's Spiked Lemonade
Martha's Spike Limeade
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Martha’s Spiked

Martha’s Spiked is a true Martha’s Vineyard created brand of cocktails, paying homage to the original Martha and celebrating the quirky, eclectic island vibe. 

Ola! single serve bags
Ola! 9oz pouch seal bags
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Ola! Natural Foods

A start up natural foods company launched with a line of granola. The objective ws to communicate a brand with simple-quality ingredients  and flavors. The immediate shelf message is approachable, family friendly,  simple with evidence of an artisan.

Vape Cartridge Pack 1
Vape Cartridge Pack 2
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Woodstock American Cannabis

Woodstock is a brand-licensed cannabis line that is launching with vape cartridges. The communication idea was to suggest the transcendental “Woodstock” experience while simultaneously creating a trustworthy and slightly premium brand experience.

Full line up

Elevate CBD

Elevate is a “CBD” brand evolving from alt-hippy CBD drug a more mainstream natural “hemp extract” supplement. Keeping the general color scheme and the starburst ensured a subtle evolution while adding the mountainscape as sense of place kept the concept of “transcendence” intact.


Ocean Potion Sunscreen

The objective was to modernize and clean up the existing branding with a more feminine and carefree experience message. The introduction of the simpler logo and line titling along with contemporary colors and finishes and branded fragrancing resulted in a more upscale and resort type brand.

Bullfrog sunscreen and line extensions
Sunscreen full line up
POS displays
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Bullfrog Sunscreen

An existing mid tier suncare line in need of an upgrade. Focusing on men and performance, the identity and packaging was transformed into active, male outdoor adventure, with product emphasis on usage occasion.